Is there any limit to how often you can Tempt Fate?

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Math Mathonwy
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Is there any limit to how often you can Tempt Fate?

Post by Math Mathonwy » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:42 am

Can a player Tempt Fate on every one of their actions if they so wish? Because it seems like Tempting Fate would be rather beneficial for cheaper models (especially if you don't hold the favour at the moment) but it seems somehow weird to do it constantly.

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Re: Is there any limit to how often you can Tempt Fate?

Post by PeteDG » Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:50 am

You can Tempt fate only once for each Activation of a Character. The Activation is the Character being involved in the turn and the components of that Activation are part of it. So an Urkin may Tempt Fate when he or she Activates but not, for example, when he or she moves and then again when they shoot.
The same Urkin could however Tempt Fate when Activating and the Tempt Fate again if attacked later in the turn. On the reverse you could also Tempt Fate if attacked then do so again if you Activate later on. You can do this as often as you like but only once for any given event.
Bear in mind however that you may only be affected by one Tempt Fate Card. The new card drawn replaces the effects of the old one. They are not cumulative. I will update this in the FAQ.

You are correct though - Urkin are known for Tempting Fate rather a lot :lol: It doesn't always go well for them though!
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