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Twisted at QMHE & other hobby events?

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:06 pm
by Artificial Soul
Back in Jan, I went down south to Canberra to enjoy CanCon (and have a mini holiday) and got to see some of the Twisted minis in all their glory (cannot wait for the pledge to arrive, added on so much :lol: ). Also got to meet Seb and Pete, who are really enthusiastic and stellar chaps all round!

I got to thinking about other events/conventions that could show off/build Twisted communities once the game enters retail- one of these is QMHE, the Queensland Models and Hobbies Expo which seems to be getting larger over the years. BrisCon is another, happening this weekend (and typically I forgot it existed...2 years in a row >.<). I'm sure I've missed quite a few more but I mainly wanted to ask if Twisted is going to be on show at QMHE + other events this year? Of it is already, and I'm just blind :?

Secondly, if there's other Twisted backers in QLD who will be at QMHE, I'm keen to meet up as QMHE is quite fortuitously only a 5 min drive from my house! (As opposed to 25+ mins for game stores :P). Might try and find out if there's ways of organising something for BrisCon next year as that seems more gaming oriented than QMHE (but still- plastic and metal and resin, oh my!).

I ask these things as I'm actually genuinely keen for the game- it feels like Malifaux crossed with RPGs crossed with good ol' fashioned wargames. :)

Re: Twisted at QMHE & other hobby events?

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:31 pm
by PeteDG
Hi Artificial!
We don't have any plans for QMHE at this stage but we may do one. I'll have a chat to Seb :-)
We are doing PAX in Melbourne later this year so if you can make it down for that it would be ace.
We are intending to have a much bigger prescence at Cancon next year too!

I'm pleased you are keen to play Twisted! I can't wait for you all to get your stuff!

Re: Twisted at QMHE & other hobby events?

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 12:34 pm
by Artificial Soul
I'll see if I can get time off for PAX, would love to head down south for a bit :) I asked as wargaming + model hobbies seems to gaining more traction in QLD though it doesn't feel as big as the more southern states (take CanCon, fer instance- it's pretty epic) and since Twisted is Oz based, I thought I'd ask!

Re: Twisted at QMHE & other hobby events?

Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 7:45 am
by PeteDG
It'd be great to see you at PAX!