Moving Past Foes confusion

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Math Mathonwy
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Moving Past Foes confusion

Post by Math Mathonwy » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:35 am

The rules state the following:

"If you wish to move past an opponent and your base comes within an inch of their base then you must make an Opposed Finesse roll or suffer an immediate Close Combat attack from them. This 1” area is known as a Threatened Area.

Should this attack cause any damage to your Character they are immediately engaged in Close Combat but a round of Close Combat is not fought until either Character’s next Activation.

Move the two Characters into base to base contact, using the shortest possible route."

What does moving past someone mean? Do you need to mean to both enter and exit a Threatened Area for the Opposed Finesse roll to trigger? Or is it enough to merely enter the Area for it to trigger (thus, not really moving past them in the usual sense)? What if you start your move within the Threatened Area (but not in close combat) - can you leave normally or do you trigger the Opposed Finesse roll?

Also, when you move the two Characters into base contact using the shortest possible route - which Character moves? Or do they both move and meet in the middle?

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Re: Moving Past Foes confusion

Post by PeteDG » Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:32 am

What I mean by "moving past" is trying to move beyond the relevant character, through the threatened area. Just moving into the area and stopping won't trigger the effect.
Similarly - if you start in the threatened area but not engaged you may move away freely. as long as your move does not take you further through the threatened area. So if you start within say, 1/2" of a foe your first move must be 1/2" directly away from them then you may move freely. Any movement that is not directly away from the relevant foe will trigger the effect.
For the movement of the shortest route it's the moving character that is drawn in. The wording is meant to mean that you can't change the relative positioning of your mini once the check is failed (e.g. you are sucked directly in, not into a nice flanking position perhaps :lol: )
Does that make sense?
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